hi all

adding on to the online shopping collection… i present to youu…cookies and chocolates for wedding gifts and special occasionssss…for companies…who wants to give special gifts for their clients..this will make them flattered….wedding gifts not forgetting …make this something memorable for people to remember..yeah…i will update the price later since this just arrive in my pot….

Cake Slice Flavor Boxes

A set of 11 cake slices in a layer of cake. In each box contains date and almond truffles.

  • One layer of 11 slices RM65
  • Two layers of 22 slices RM145
  • Three tiers of 32 slices RM 175

(Choice of chocolates is: almond date truffles, peanut butter cups, hazelnut roses or mini peanut and caramel snack bars.)

Contents would depend on the choice of chocolates, e.g. date and almond truffle 6, peanut butter cups 6, hazelnut roses 6, mini bars 3)

the batik baskets, ranges from small to large baskets.  small basket is priced at RM80, medium at RM130 and large at RM160.  all baskets contains choices oc chocolates or lolipop or both and 2 containers of cookies (oatmeal raisins and choc chip cookies).